Belarus SIG #Belarus Yiddish translations requested on ViewMate: TURETSKY/Pinsk, MEISEL/Romanovo/Slutsk #belarus

John Jones <quexi@...>


I've posted five family photos with Yiddish inscriptions on
ViewMate. These were >from my grandfather's album, and I can't
identify some of the people. I'm hoping that someone can fully
translate one or more of the inscriptions. The fifth one also
has some Russian (?) words, and any translation of that would
help too.

The photos include members of the TURETSKY family >from Pinsk and
the MEISEL and CANTOR families >from Romanovo/Slutsk. The photos
were taken in Pinsk, New York, and possibly the Romanovo area.

To see them, please go to
or go to ViewMate and look for #3210-3214 at

I have more photos of these families if anyone is interested.

Please send your replies directly to me, rather than to this
whole e-mail list.

Many thanks!
--John Jones, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, USA

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