Belarus SIG #Belarus Searching daughter of Mary Hellman BIRKHAHN #belarus

Rachelle <rlberliner@...>

Max HELLMAN's sister was Mary Hellman Birkhahn. We understand that Mary had
a daughter. Does anyone know anything about her? Her name, married name,
husband's name, etc.

We would very much like to be able to contact Mary's daughter so that we can
add information to the Jacobs Family Tree. Max Hellman was married to my aun
Annie Jacobs.

Please reply privately. If you should know her, please feel free to give her
my email address.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Rachelle Berliner
Savannah, GA
Searching Joseph & Rachel JACOBS Family Connections:

to London, England to Baltimore, MD to Atlanta, GA. Families of:: Max
HELLMAN, Simon LEVY, Hyman COHEN, Sam & Raymond,FINE, Aaron KAHANOW, Sam

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