Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: The word "Israelites" and "Old Believers." #belarus


Just to point out that while Naomis comment on the Russians general
dislike of any religion is true, however, none of the other groups in
Soviet Russia appear to have merited to have their own "special section"
of the GPU (and its later Name, the KGB) such as the infamous "Yevseksia"
(the Jewish section of the KGB). This unusual section, manned by Jews,
had the "sacred" mission to eradicate Jewish religious life. In the
process, sending millions to their deaths. Under Stalin, the Jews in
this section were all sent to Siberia (thank G-d for all of us) and their
murderous activities stopped (somewhat).
So, the feeling of the Soviet Russian government was somewhat different
towards the Jews.
All the best,
Raanan Isseroff

Believers were persecuted by the Tsars and after the Revolution
they were not
treated any more sympathetically by the atheistic Soviet regime than
were the Jews.

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