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Dear Belarus SIG,
I am looking for information regarding my cousin David Feldman who was
murdered in the Pinsk Ghetto.

I am searching for a record that would confirm David Feldman's birthdate,
such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or business registry. I
know that he was born between the years of 1893 and 1907 because those were
the birth years of his oldest and youngest brothers. There is a David
Feldman, listed as born in 1898, on the data-base of the Pinsk Ghetto List
available on the Jewish Gen website. I am not sure this is the David
Feldman who is my cousin, because the other Feldmans listed at the same
ghetto address are not names we recognize in his family. Also, the ghetto
address, Kesselpflicker Street, is not the same street name that we have for
him. Perhaps ghetto addresses were different if the people were forced to
move once the ghetto was established. I am trying to find another document
that would possibly corroborate this birthdate of 1898, or give another date
for him.

I have letters and photos that David Feldman sent to my grandfather before
the war. These letters and photos show that he lived on Petrowska Street,
and that he had a leather shop where he made boots, shoes, etc. His
father's name was Shmuel, and his mother's
name Nechama.

His oldest brother Mordechai moved to New York before the war, and his
youngest brother Barleib, came to New York after the war. Neither are alive
now. There were other brothers and sisters as well that perished in the
Ghetto. Some of the names of his relatives mentioned in his letters were:
Leah, Gedalya, Golda, Yentel, Yelin, and Mula, Nochum, and Meir.

I contacted both the National Historical Archive of Belarus, and the State
Archives of the Brest Region in Belarus. Neither had a birth document. The
State Archives wrote to me that David Feldman was executed by Hitler's
forces (no date available). They also wrote that the street name Petrowska
was changed to a Russian name, which when translated to English means 'the
fifth of March street'. This name change probably reflects the fact that
Pinsk changed >from Polish to Russian control before the Nazis took over the
city in 1941. The National Archive was willing to do a further search for a
birth date in other records. However the search would be quite costly and
not guarantee any results.

I am looking for this information because of a claim I am involved in
through the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims.

AI would welcome hearing >from anyone who could help me on this matter.
Please reply to:

Janet Corey-Skobac

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