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Mindie Kaplan <rayvenna@...>

I guess the logical follow-up question is how do we get a research project
started for our shetel(s)? I keep getting referred back to LitvakSIG which in
turn bounces me back to Belarus SIG. I know the older records are in
Lithuania, but LitvakSIG is no longer dealing with those areas (at all for ANY
time period) since the towns are now in Belarus.

So-- where do I go >from here? It doesn't make sense to me to pay for
individual research when I can donate to a SIG and have the information
available for everyone. (I'm mostly interested in Smorgon, Kobrin, Svenciany,
and the surounding areas-- anyone know where Sinack/Simack is?)


Toronto, Canada: Ovsey, Shainbaum, Rubenstein
Smorgon, Oshmiany, Vilnius: Allen/Ellen, Entis/Entes
Nowe Aleksandrowo/Nowo Aleksandrow: Glassman
Anyksciai, Vilkomir, Kovno: Schneider/Schnaider, Wolinski/Wolinsky
Anyksciai->Canada->US: Splaver/Splava/Schplaver/Splawer
Anyksciai->England->US: Landy/Lander/Lande
Sinack, Russia->Cleveland, Ohio: Kaplan
Kobrin, Slonim, Grodno: Yelsky
Svenciany, Svencionys, Vilnius: Jaffe
Svenciany->Anyksciai->U.S.->Israel: Jaffe
? -> Canada -> Cleveland, Ohio: Devore/Devor
Pre-Israel Palestine: Cohen
Unknown: Berger, Chernikoff, Gurmerman, Levitt, Berkowitz,
Glazer, Glazier, Halperin, Hirsh, Montague, Recht, Simmons, Rabb, and Rothman

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