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Flo Elman

Dear Fellow Belarus researchers,

The new revision lists on the Belarus site are incredible. We are so
fortunate to have the wonderful volunteers who prepare all this material.
Actually, I found family in the Dolginov list, & I'm quite ecstatic
(although still in the gray zone). My great-grandfather (surname
GOTLIBOVICH) & his brother (surname PRESSMAN/ PRESMAN) had different
surnames, & the assumption has always been that it was his brother who had
changed his name to Presman. What I found in searching the lists was the
brother's surname but the *first names* all matched those in my
great-grandfather's family. (Cousins? Predecessors???) I may have to
consider that the Presman name was the original. Doing East European
genealogy is a real challenge! However, the new information goes back to
1780 (farther if I count those who had no dates), & I expect it will help me
to explore further. This is the closest I've had to a breakthrough in the
name puzzle in the last 15 years!

The surnames I'm researching are all interconnected (listed below), but I
haven't yet been able to make the linking connection. If any of them hit a
chord with you, I'd be grateful for any leads.

Thanks Belarus workers,
Florence Elman

NAVRICHESKY >from Ilya, Pleschinetz & Nezvizh, Minsk; Dolginov, Vileika,
Vilnius; Korosten, N. Volhynia; Cherkassy & Korsun, Kiev

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