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Edward Frank <edlfrank@...>

This may be old news; if it is I apologize for wasting everyone's time.
There is a web site that lists the passengers on immigrant ships,
including those arriving in the US prior to 1850. There are seven "tabs"
on the home page.

Under "PASSENGERS" there are listed six "Volumes", "German departures",
"NY Arrivals", "Last updates" In the "volumes", you find the same years,
but different ships and lists, in each.

The volumes are arranged by year, so that if you know the year your
ancestor arrived, you can look for that year in each volume.

The names of the ships are listed under each year. Make sure that you
explore the other six "tabs."

The volumes make it eash to find people. You can look by, Port of
Departure, Port of Arrival (New Orleans, Baltimore, NYC, etc.),
Captain's Names, Surnames of Captains AND PASSENGERS. This last one gives
all ships that the surname was found on. For common names, such as FRANK,
there are a lot of ships. WARNING: Remember that the spelling of
surnames cannot be checked by SOUNDEX.

A caveat: The entries are by volunteers who were doing there own

The entries are random by ship; a person may list a bunch of ships for a
given year but only those leaving Liverpool, for instance. The quality of
each list varies as does the information that they contain. BUT, if you
are looking for 2 Germans who arrived in 1839 and 1845, respectively, as I
am, "Germans to America" only starts in 1850. I haven't found anyone yet,
but I think that it is a worthwhile place for our SIG members to look, if
all else has failed.

They state that they have 5000 ships and 1/2 a million passengers listed.

Is the name of the site for the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild.

An example:
The ship BAYARD >from Havre, France to NY in Sep 1828 lists many passengers
from "BADDEN" and "BARDEN". I believe the transcriber either didn't think
that the preparer of the list meant BADEN, or that the original preparer
wrote like me.

I would appreciate hearing >from anyone who's helped by this. Happy hunting!

Ed Frank Sun City Center, FL

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