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To the Belarus Research SIG:
The following message is of importance to anyone who may have relatives
buried in the cemetary in Oshmiany. Currently there are many stones
overturned and it is difficult to find graves. A group of people have
organized to fix the cemetary. Their information follows. Please contact
Chanan Peled of the Oshmiany Organization in Israel for more details about
the project or for information about how you can help.He
has given us permission to post his message on this list.

Kind Regards,
Scott Noar

Organization of Oshmiany New Comers (Olim) in Israel

The Issue we would like to bring up to your attention is the restoration and
rebuilding of the Jewish Cemetery in the town of
Oshmiany, located in Belarus, about 50 kilometers >from Wilnus (Wilna) in the
direction to Minsk. Former residents of Oshmiany have visited the town and
found the Jewish Cemetery half destroyed and in ruins. Part of the tombs
have been stolen, a lot of them broken and dispersed in the field. Only a
minor numbers of tombs are still standing. The Cemetery is covered with wild
overgrown grass and garbage. Herds of pigs and cows are wandering around.
The old fence has disappeared.

It also came to our knowledge that the city hall intends to remove the
graves and build on the site a dwelling project.

The Jewish Oshmiany organization registered as non-profit organization whose
registration number is 58-034-598-1, brought up the matter of restoring the
Cemetery with the town hall officials of Oshmiany. Their response was a very
positive one.All the expenses of the restoration have to be provide by our

We need additional help to preserve and eliminate the complete destruction
of the Cemetery.

Best Regards
Chanan Peled- Chairman

Address of the Oshmiany Organization:
Peled Chanan
24 Argaman St
Ramat Efal 52960 ISRAEL
Tel. +972-3-6351493
E-mail: peledch@...

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