Belarus SIG #Belarus Erasmus Hall HS Class of Jan 1928 #belarus

Shana Egan <segan@...>


If any of your Belorussian ancestors went to Erasmus Hall High School in
Brooklyn, I have a copy of the January 1928 class photo. The following
names are written on the back of the photo: (please allow for errors in
deciphering the handwriting)

Clara Ginsberg
Dorothy G. Schunal
Bertha Kaplan
Yetta Liss
Miriam Unger
Ruth Williams
Ruth H. Weinstein
Marie Klebart
Francis Rockmore
Mary Lipshitz
Sylvia Maislen
Grace Mirsky
Gartrude Klein
Veronica Shields
Morris Montag
Yetta Rabinowitz
Rose Hildegarde Odivak
Virginia W. Pelz
Sylvia Siegelman
Pearl Pollack
Charlotte Murtha
Florence Fox
Lylua Cohen
Paul Gewirtz
Philip Frarable
Milton Wiesenthal
Mat Pressman
Fred Locke
Beatriace Dorfman
Jacob Larke
Sam Rabinowitz
Ruth Charney
George Newman
Sidney Trubowitz
John Grandin
Alice Ehrlich
Enid Deya
Moe Spanier
Leah Lerner
Virginia Aday
Julia Baron
Jeanette Weinberg
B. Kurtz
Charlotte Kovins
Leuden T. Hauly
Walter S. Krwidsz
R. L. Laffemandee
Blanche Margery Chipinau Leggett
Fred R. Keck
Frances Van Ingau
Edith E. Rodkey

The Erasmus Hall Alumni Association has a web site.

I did a check of the site for the class of 1928 and came up with the name
Murray Bernthal. My assumption is that he is also in the class picture.

There are many more people in the photo than on the list. Anyone interested
in seeing this photo please contact me off list.

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