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Hi, Belarus-ers,

Just for clarification, Castle Garden is at the
southern tip of Manhattan. Original built 60 feet off
the tip, land-fill in the 1850s made it part of
Manhattan island. One takes the ferry to the Statue
of Liberty/Ellis Island >from this point. It was
originally a fort, a battery, but has been many things
since. I don't think it was large enough to use as an
immigration processing center after 1890 without
expanding into Manhattan proper and that's why the
Federal Government elected to develop Ellis Island.
[Or why New York State and New York City weren't
receptive to the idea.;-)]

Two good web-sites to understand what and where Castle
Garden was/is are:

I have no commercial interest in GORP nor the National
Parks Service.

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA
[former NY'er]

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