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Cheryl Etting <twekkie@...>

While revisiting the Ellis Island database, I noted that the residence of
great grandfather Jankel Holtzman was Pinsk, however, his birthplace is
listed as Dugowik. Can anyone help me with an equivalent name, as I have
been unable to locate Dugowik?

Cheryl Etting
HOLTZMAN, NIMZOWITZ - Dugowik, Pinsk, Chicago
DOLINSKY, KASTAN, LISS, WIENER - Minsk, Philadelphia, Chicago
PERLOFF (PERLOWSKY), PEVERITSKY (TOWERS) - Novogrudek, Boston, Chicago
ETINGOFF, LEP(B)SKY, SOLOVAY - Vitebsk, Mogilev, Kiev
DROOYAN, MAISELS, MEDNIKOFF, ZIMMERMAN - Bialystok, Ykatrinaslav, New York,

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