Belarus SIG #Belarus Dudin and other agricultural colonies in Wester Russia #belarus


This is the place listed on the passenger list for my grandmother's last
place of residence. Her brother listed Mstivlavisk (an alternative spelling of
this name), which is both a town/city and a Uezd. The Volost for Dudin is
Monastyvshchinsk. On the JewishGen site I can find Dudin on a list of agricultural
colonies in Western Russia prior to 1904. Does anyone on the Belarus list
have any additional info on Dudin and/or other agricultural colonies in Western
Russia? The info on the JewishGen agricultural colonies site is about the
colonies in the Ukraine. Elaine

Grandmother >from Dudin: Golde Riskin
Grandfather >from Smolensk: Abraham Mogin

Elaine Kirsh

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