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I am searching for KRASELNICK/KRASILNIK (and various other spellings) from
Grodno. My gg grandmother arrived in the US in gg grandfather
arriving approximately 3 years prior to that. I have found an amazing amount
of information about them in the US, however, I am not having any success in
finding anything in their home country (Belarus).
Can anyone give me some hints on what/where to look for information >from the
mid 1800's. It seems everything I've found on KRASELNICK/KRASILNIK is after
my family arrived in the US.
On my gg grandmother's passenger record it is written that she reported her
home town as "Lunik" but I have been unable to find any town that fits that.
(Lunna seems to be the best, but have found no records of family there as of
I would specifically like to find marriage records, birth records (for the 4
sons that traveled with my gg grandmother) >from the old country.
There is a family story that says that my gg grandfather was jailed just
prior to leaving for the US because his older brother escaped conscription
in the army. Are there records that might back up this story?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Raeus Cannon

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