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I am looking for information re the shtetl of Smolyany ,lat 54N,long 30 E ,
uzed:Orsha in the Mogilev Gubernia.
My grandparents,Lubavicher Rabbi Zorach Hurwitz(Gurwitz) and his wife
Chassia(Rabinovich)lived in this shtetl toward the end of the 19th
centuryand early 20th century with their 6 children Nathan,Goldie,Sarah,
Simon,and twins Solomon and Max.My greatgrandmother Rabinovich and her
married daughter(unknown) also lived in Smolyany and remained behind when my
grandparents and family emmigrated to America in 1905-1906.The family
settled in Worcester,Mass. where my grandfather was Rabbi of the Sons of
Jacob synogogue until1944.
There seems to be little information available about Smolyany .I am unable
to find any Yizkor book listed in its name.In my search I have found some
information >from the 1897 census listing a jewish population of 1,704 of a
total of 2,278 inhabitants .A fairly small number of families are listed
along with my posting in the Family Finder registry. Thus far there have
been no significant connections. I am caught in a mystery.Was this an
isolated community?Were centers of learning in the Lubavitcher tradition
So many of you are so well informed. I would appreciate any information you
could send to me.


Blossom Glassman


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