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Joy Weaver <joyweave@...>

On the Brest Ghetto Passport List there is someone named Miszka
FANABERJA, born 1883, parents Szmul and Szejna.

I am not aware that my grandparents left any children in Belarus when
they emigrated to the USA in 1900-02, but this person would be just the
right age to be their oldest child and their names were Schmul and
Sheina and it's possible that they used the name Fanaberia, converting
it to Feinberg.

I understand >from Andrea Simon's book, Beshert, that Jews >from Volchin
and Wisoke-Litovsk were transported to the Brest Ghetto.

I realize that this is a great deal of speculation strung together, but
can someone tell me if Miszka would be a male or female name?

Joy Weaver
East Islip, NY

POLAND (Krasnik, Zaklikow, Lublin): Blumberg, Fogiel, Rosenel./
BELARUS (Wisoke-Litovsk, Brest, Grodno): Feinberg, Vilner, Greenberg, Petruskitz/ Petritzki?, Deibach.

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