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Judy Landauer <plants@...>

Dear List,

I am looking for some advice on the given names of Jewish people.
Specifically, My husband's gggrandfather, Moses Landauer lists his
parents as "Hirum Landauer and Rebecca Jandorff". (Moses emigrated in
1854 >from Wurtemburg to the USA.) Could "Hirum" be the same name as
"Hayum", and Rebecca another name for "Baier"? I have read the
information on the Jewishgen site for kinnui names and came away with
more questions then answers.

I know that "Hayum" Landauer also went by "Heinrich", as any
paperwork I have found for him >from the Wurtemburg Emigration papers
lists both names whenever he and his wife, Baier Jandorff are found.

Any suggestions? (SEE BELOW)

Judy Landauer Richard & Judy Landauer Shelley Idaho

MODERATOR NOTE: My suggestion is that you post this to GerSig which you can
join in the same way (free of charge) that you joined the Early American SIG.

That group has a number of experts on these names. Also, if you can find it,
the book by Ben-Zion Kaganoff on Jewish Names is the bible in this field. MOD.

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