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FORWARD : FastForward - ... Not to be outdone, S. Jarmulowsky's Bank, at 54
Canal Street, and Max Kobre's Bank a few yards away, at 40 Canal, gave the
Public Bank a run for its money. ...
Tj's Genealogy Page - ... Her names appears on Zadie's information on the
ship manifest. She is listed as c/o Max Kobre. Max's address in December 1910
was 41 Canal Street in New York. ...
I. TOUR INTRODUCTION : (Corner of Broome & Orchard) - ... (walk west on
Canal St.) O. Kletzker Brotherly Aid Association (Ludlow & Canal) (Max Kobre
Bank early 20 th Century) (Was Zion Funeral Home) Page 16. ...

Elaine Kirsh
New York
researching: Mogin (Mogilofkin) >from Smolensk, Riskin (>from Dudiin),
Schwartz, Tanofsky

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