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Deborah Glassman <dgg2020@...>

The best place to start would be to look at those census records and see
what year he was naturalized, and in what year he claimed to have arrived.
The naturalization record will list his specific date of immigration.
But there are some good record sources available online today, that allow
you to complement the traditional "start with the last known record"
approach. I like the EllisIsland data base accessed off the
site "One Step Search". In that list, for instance, there are 165 people
with the surname Wolk, before we check any other spellings.. A quick perusal
shows around 8 >from Minsk.
"Max" was a name that sometimes was brought >from abroad, but most often was
an Americanization of Mottel (or more formally Mordechai) or of Menashe.
There is a 28 year old named Menashe Wolk traveling to his brother-in-law
Israel Perewoskici [my reading] thru Ellis Island in 1904. The fact that he
would be around ten years older than the age you have may not be
significant, ages were routinely reduced on records subsequent to
immigration. You can frequently see people aging just seven years between
decennial censuses. After you have moved through the US records, you can
start taking advantage of the many Minsk area records posted on the Belarus

Good hunting!

Deborah Glassman
Elkins Park
from Belarus - PILNIK, HEFTER, GEFTER, MALOWITZKY, the double name Zipe
Ratzi, and the Belarussian towns of Slutsk, Lachowitze (aka Lyakhovitchi);
also folks >from these towns Seda in Lithuania and Khmelnik, Chudnov,
Ostropol, Cymbalivka, Bralov, Cherkassy, and Chigirin in the Ukraine.

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