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My grandfather Shiah LATUCHA, born 1877 in Kozhan Horodok, Belarus, came to
Canada in 1910. On the purser's list of the S.S. Carthagenian, he is listed
as a shoemaker. He was no more a shoemaker than I am and probably never
repaired or made a shoe in his life. Why it was prudent to list himself as
one I do not know He was however a trained meatcutter and had a stamp of
approval >from the kashrut establishment as one who could "traibe" or make
kosher, the hind quarter of the cow. This was extremely rare, especially in
the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.
Whenever we would mention to him about his "expertise" as a shoemaker he
would laugh and thought it was funny.
There was very little discrimination in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, as the
Eastern Europeans, Jewish and non-Jewish lived side by side in peace and
harmony. This also included the Italians, most of whom performed manual
labour. Very few were shoemakers.
Larry Gaum

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