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My maternal grandfather, Abe MOGIN, and his brother came >from Smolensk to
NYC in about 1910 (I'm too lazy to look up the exact date in my files right
now). His mother and sister came >from Smolensk much later. The family history
said that you needed to have a male head of household to live in Smolensk but
the mother and sister apparently were able to live there after my
grandfather and his brother left. My grandfather's sister was able to study ballet in
Moscow as a child. That seems to be an unusual opportunity for a Jewish
girl. When she came to this country, she finished her education in NYC,
graduating >from high school. Then she became a vaudeville dancer.

Elaine Kirsh


Mogin/Mogilowskin/Mogilofskin >from Smolensk
Riskin >from Dudin
Schwartsman >from Elisivegrad
Tanofsky >from Kiev area

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