Re: Understanding Familianten Records #austria-czech

Julius Muller <library@...>

Dear Genners,
Celia is absolutely right. Censuses 1724 very clearly show the strategy and that
the preparation for strict restriction are very on.
It can be called primitive only in terms of technology used but no in terms of
the consistency. Familiant Books are just a kind of top of the iceberg. You can
surely find incomplete records like missing one or two sons but it only refers
to the person who actually wrote the records - for example looking few pages
further you can find the names of parents that are missing as unbekannt in the
same volume (?!).

Very large agenda on the Jewish familiants was led by Jewish Committee
(Commissio in rebus Judeorum). There si quite large collection on applicitions,
complaints, decrees, re-application, inquiries and other documents related to
restriction policy of the Committee. Just part of it is stored in 85 dusty boxes
in Central archive.

To my knowledge Moravia Familiant books are mostly scattered in Prague Jewish
Museum, Prague Central archive and in Brno regional archive (separately in
different so called Manor repertories).

Julius Muller
Jewish Family History Centre, Prague

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