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The history of the Jews of Schedrin is an interesting one, as Alan
Shefman has alluded to. A nicely detailed account can be found in a
pamphlet entitled *The History of the Family Golodetz* in the YIVO library
in New York. I am not at home at the moment but I have a copy
somewhere. The town is said to have been one of three privately owned
shtetls in the Pale, this one presented to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. (an
interesting question for JewGen trivia collectors might be to name the
other 2!) The Golodetz family were apparently the leading Jewish
citizens in this village, which, like many in the area, retained forest
management, logging, and lumber sales as its major source of income.
The booklet explains the proximity to shulheyf (the main synagogue) of
each family's home and how they were related to the Golodetz family, so
it's definitely worth reading for any Schedrin researcher. Although I
had only cousins, not direct ancestors, in Schedrin, I visited there in
1996 because of the compelling history. As Russian to Yiddish
interpreter I was joined by Fanya Palay, who continues to serve as head
of the Bobruysk Jewish community. Fanya, too, had some Schedrin
ancestry, and explained that the descendants of Schedrin still gather
there in the first week of June each year to comemmorate the shoah and
destruction of the community (the German invasion occurred in June,
1941). Although there is still a village, there are no Jews there. The
remains of the Jewish cemetery are but a few toppled stones in a field.
There is also a long rectangular mass grave. And in the midst of the
mound of the mass grave there is a neat rectangular depression, where
Fanya explained that vandals were digging among the remains of those
killed en masse in 1941 hoping to find gold. One can also find some
stories of Schedrin in "Sefer Bobruysk" the 2 volume yizkor book for
Bobruysk and surrounding communities.

Sheldon Benjamin
Researching BENTZIANOV of Varatin and REVZEN of Streshin

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