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Pavel Bernshtam

I have scaned a petition of Romanovsky colony colonists to Novorussia
nad Bessarabia General Gubernator Vorontsov for a help because very
bad harvest.

I do not know where Romanovsky colonists were from.

This document >from april 1843 contains list of all colonists families
heads with signatures.

This is unique document !!!
First census for colonies was in 1858, 15 years later and many
colonists dead this time because difficulties, so many of them not
listed in 1858 census.
You can see also original (!) signatures of your ancestors.

I asked archive people for permission to publish in the Web these
dosuments and I received such permission

Later I'll publish such lists for Novo Berislav and Novo Poltavka.

Unfortunatly I have not time to translate the letter and to
transliterate the surnames list. [Moderator Note: Two underlines here]

Copy them to your local disk for translation, because I'll remove
these files if I'll run out of disk space

Pavel Bernshtam

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