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I have never met my paternal grandfather, Jacob ARKIN, because he died at
an early age.
I have never seen a photo of him, either. I have good reason to believe that
all photos of this man were destroyed. My father searched in vain for one,
and my many cousins know nothing about any existing. He never became a U.S.
citizen, so I can't obtain a photo of
Jacob >from naturalization papers. The most that I've accomplished is to read
a description
of his appearance >from his passenger manifest, as well as what my father
related to me
verbally. Would there be any other documents, here or in the "old country",
that might have his picture on them? If so, how could I go about obtaining
copies? Otherwise, my grandfather will remain "faceless".
Thank you.

Jeff Arkin
Fresh Meadows, NY

ARKIN/ORKIN-Hlusk, Bobruisk
GRANOFSKY-Rumania, Odessa

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