Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Sig coordinator #belarus

Evelyn Waldstein

Dear Dave and Fellow Genners,
I do not have words to express how sorry I am that Belarus SIG lost David
Fox as its well known long time coordinator.
I was born in Latvia with deep roots in this part of the world but starting
to search seriously what I regard as my family I realized soon that I have
to look over the borders. Vitebsk was the first place I stumbled on. As the
result Belarus SIG was the first discussion group I joined as a member.
During these years I watched, learned and enjoyed the work of David and his
SIG. I still hope that under certain conditions his decision may be
reversible or, at least, he is going to stay with us as honorable SIG leader
to help the person who is going to take over his job.
Evelyn Waldstein

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