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When I started researching the MENDELEWICZ family, some one told me
that they were related to the CARDOZA's >from Spain. I thought that
they were kidding me. But what I have found out surprised me. The
family had come >from a small shtetl near Slonim, Belarus called Byten
where they had lived for many years.

No one knows for sure why or where they came >from before that, but
thanks to a family scribe, Shmuel Meyer MENDELEWICZ, who related the
story of the family to a nephew just before he left to come to the
United States in 1901, the story lives on. Shmuel Meyer was 93 at that
time. It seems that Shmuel Meyer's grandfather was Rabbi Shmuel Meyer
MENDOZA. In 1777, he took the position of rabbi in Byten which was in
the Russian Empire, and he changed the name to MENDELOVICH which in
Polish is spelled MENDELEWICZ. Rabbi Shmuel Meyer MENDOZA's family had
lived in Kobryn since 1650 when Israel MENDOZA, a merchant, settled

Why or how they got there I do not know. I can surmise, but that leads
to trouble unless one is lucky. You see that in Tuscany ( Italy) around
1600 Jews were welcomed and encouraged to be merchants. >from 1600 t0
1800 under the rule of the Medici Jewish family life was very good.
Trading was known to take place with Russia around 1650. One could
draw the conclusion that the MENDOZA family were merchants and in
expanding their business, a son, Israel MENDOZA, moved to Kobryn .

Oh yes, I did also find out that a marriage took place in 1802 between
Esther MENDOZA and a member of the CARDOZA family but I don't know if
Esther is in our family tree.

Alan Tapper
Fairfax, VA.


MENDELOVICH, MENDELEWICZ, MENDELOWITZ >from Slonim, Baraonvichi and Byten
MENDOZA >from Kobryn, GORMAN >from Baranovichi
HOCHBERG and KATZ >from Iasi
TAPPER >from Snitkov
BURDMAN and FAHRER >from Tulchin
NEMIROVSKY >from Lipovets

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