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Franklin J. Swartz <eejhp@...>

Dear All,

I join with you all in thanking Dave for his unstinting efforts in
promoting the efforts of Jewish genealogists and his dedication, in
particular, for those whose ancestors came >from Belarus. Dave's
undoubted dedication and willingness to help both neophyte and
experienced genealogists, often at the considerable expense of his own
time and research is exceptional and commendable. Dave's daily
presence will, I am sure be sorely missed, but, I am equally certain
that both by example and his continued involvement, as mentor to some,
his efforts will be a progressive influence on the practice of Jewish

As a resident in Belarus I should point out, that access to the
archives has, contrary to rumours, not been restricted. Any researcher
who has notarised authorisation designating him or her to seek
information, on behalf of a person abroad, about a specific family
name >from a specific location is allowed access to the archive. Only
those documents which for conservation purposes are categorised as
'antique' may be subject to limited access until they have been
restored. If anyone knows of instances where authorised research has
not been allowed I will be glad to inquire after the matter.

Once again I extend my gratitude for Dave's fine work and best wishes
to him and Cindy for this next fruitful stage of their lives.

Best regards,


Franklin J. Swartz
P.O.Box 97
Republic of Belarus

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