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I am searching for additional information on the BASCH family of
Brooklyn, New York. The head of the family, Jacob BASCH was born in
Prussia in 1832. He left Prussia around the time of the 1848 revolution
and moved to Sheffield, England. Some time before 1855 he married his
wife Emma who was born in Sheffield.

Jacob BASCH had a furrier's and cap making business in Sheffield for the

past part of 20 years. In 1869 he went bankrupt. In 1872/73 he emigrated
with his family to Brooklyn, New York. I found the family in the 1880
census. Interestingly the language spoken in the home is given as
English. I suspect this must have been quite unusual for Jewish

The BASCHs lived in the Fulton Street and other areas of Brooklyn. I
traced them through the censuses up until 1930. They continued to work
in the furrier business in New York.

Their children include Frederick (born in Sheffield in 1861, died New
York 1920's). Herman BASCH (born in Sheffield in 1870) whose wife name
was Ray. Simon BASCH, born in New York in 1874, and Saul BASCH, born in
New York in 1876. I suspect the latter two did not survive childhood.
One of the BASCH children was a musician, supposedly with the
Philadelphia orchestra.

I imagine that even in the early 1870's New York had a sizeable Jewish
population, but perhaps some of you have came across this family in
records and could help me shed more light on their life.

I am descended >from a sister of Jacob BASCH. Instead of going with the
family to New York, she moved to another city in England.

A different ancestor of mine (>from Strasbourg, France) was also supposed
to go the USA. I have her passport with Philadelphia written in it. The
story is when the boat called in at an English port the captain told
them they had arrived in Philadelphia and left them there. This is a
story passed down in the family. I am wondering if people on the list
have heard of immigrant ship captains who dumped passengers in England
after convincing them they had arrived in the USA?

Thanks in advance for your interest.

Shimon Frais Beit Shemesh Israel Shimon@...

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