Belarus SIG #Belarus Summary of responses to my request for information about Kamenets, Kobrin, Antopol & Slonim #belarus

Shana Egan <segan@...>

I was asked to post a summary of the responses I received regarding
information on Kamenets, Kobrin, Antopol and Slonim.

Please do not ask me any questions about the responses. I have listed all I
was told and I have not checked to see if the information is accurate or if
things have changed since the towns were visited.

Double spaces have been placed between comments by different individuals.
[MODERATOR NOTE: Because we pay for bandwidth double spaces are only between towns]

Visited in 2001
A destroyed Synagogue
No Jewish people living there
Check out the Bereza-Antopol website at
Visited in 2003
Not much to see of inspirational interest
Former shul that had last been a Soviet era bottling plant. But
recognizing it as shul architecture was somewhat moving
City Historical Museum which pays lip services to Jewish deaths in
the Holocaust. Jewish Cemetery
Visited in 2000
Is a plaque on the outside of the Historical Museum mentioning some
of the people who died in WWII. There were some Jewish sounding names.
Only remnants of a burial area were a few scattered broken stones
that lined the road along a military landing strip.
Small Holocaust Memorial off the main road

Check out the Bereza-Antopol website at
Visited in 1988
Monument at a mass grave where 4000 Jews were murdered and buried
A small grave with rough stones and names on them
Only one Jew living in the town
Looks just like the set in Fiddler on the Roof

Visited in 1991 and 2001
Two cemeteries were destroyed by the Russians during the WWII
There are several buildings that belonged to Jewish families
The synagogues and Jewish Schools were transformed into clubs
See the yizkor book on JewishGen
There was a notable yeshiva there
Kamenets and Wysokie Litewskie shared a volunteer fire department.


Use to search and you will find much information
Region is rich in parks and nature preserves.

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