Belarus SIG #Belarus Personal Collecting - A comment on Jewish Week article #belarus

jeanne swadosh <piratejenny@...>

I wanted to comment on the recently posted Jewish Week article
about the author's trip to Grovno. Under no circumstances should
visitors do what the author did by buying several pages >from a
larger document. In doing this one is destroying the integrity
of the document or the artifact and making it all the more
difficult for future researchers. Additionally, if the pages are
improperly framed, one may be exposing historical materials to
greater harm. Gases may be trapped inside the fame and hasten
deterioration or discoloration of the paper.

If Jewish visitors to Eastern Europe truly want to preserve
history and evidence of Jewish culture, they should offer funds
to small museums for preservation projects such as digitizing,
preservation copying or environmental controls. With
digitization and preservation copying, we can all share
information and artistry.

Jeanne Swadosh
Staten Island, NY

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