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Dear All,

Yesterday our Group returned >from the trip to Turov.
We have the following information-
The Jewish cemetery to be behind the town in the
direction of the village Hilchitsy on the distance of
2,5 kms >from Turov. The cemetery consists of a group
of monuments - the first group - about 12 monuments
are in the middle of the cemetery -on the hill.
Monuments belong to the period of the middle of 19
century. 43 monuments of the beginning of 20 century,
including a tomb of the chief rabbi of Turov are kept
in the lowland. Closer to the fence there are 35
monuments of post-war burial places. In the corner of
the cemetery there is a monument of the Holocaust. It
is in a very bad state. There are two inscriptions in
Yiddish and Russian on the monument. The size of the
cemetery is 100 meters x 80 meters. None of 3
buildings of synagogues which were in Turov before the
war was kept. All of them were burnt during the war.
The building of the Jewish school was also not kept.
It was destroyed after the war. Lots of former Jewish
houses were kept - they are concentrated in the street
of Uritsky, Komsomolskaya and Pinskaya. Many Jewish
houses are populated with gipsies. 3 Jews live in
Turov so far - Aron Fleitman, Michael Lelchuk and
Rimma Peshevich.

Yuri Dorn
Coordinator of Jewish Heritage Research Group in

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