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Several years ago, we had some SIG members check into the different library
holdings of the 1897 Census. It turns out that what the libraries have is
statistical and analytical data about the Census and not the actual census
forms with the names of people. Only small fragments of the actual census
forms survived. There were some >from Grodno gubernia which have been
extracted and are available on the All Belarus Database. There are also
fragments of the 1897 census in the Vilna Archive and in one of the Latvia
archives and these have also been extracted and are on the appropriate "All"
databases related to those SIGs. In addition, I recall that parts of the
Census for a small area of what is now the Ukraine also survived and are
available within one of the JewishGen databases. It is worthwhile for
Belarus researchers to do a "global text" search of your shtetl in the 1897
Census databases on the other SIGs as well as the Belarus SIG database. The
1897 Census has the place of birth, place of registration, and the location
of were the person lived in 1897 at the time of the census. It is possible
to find people who were born or registered in Belarus shtetls but were
living in Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine in 1897.

For those of you who are going to the Conference in Las Vegas, be sure to
attend a lecture by Dr. Tom Edlund about the Imperial Russian Census of
1897, which is scheduled for Monday, July 11, 2005 >from 3:30 PM to 4:45 PM
in MESQUITE Room. Dr. Edlund is a noted expert on the 1897 Census and is
fluent in Russian. He will have samples of the completed Census forms in
his presentation. Please try and attend his lecture.

David Fox
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On 6/29/05 2:00 AM, "Belarus SIG digest" Alan Tapper wrote wrote:
Does anyone know how complete the Census is at this web site?

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