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Rechitsa was an uezd (district) in Minsk guberniya (province).

To my knowledge, Nezhin was not in Rechitsa uezd. However, Jews were registered
in the town they came >from and may have had permission to live elsewhere without
changing their official registration.


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When I look very closely at a census, that I received, I'm confused by the
fact that the census document lists towns of Nezhin and Loev on the same
census record. It's my understanding that Loev was in Rechitsa, but Nezhin
was in Chernigov. Can someone help me understand? The document says:

"Movsha Swartz with his wife & sons were attached to (the names, not the
persons) the petty bourgeois of Nezhin according to the order of the State
House #2272 >from March 9, 1893".

"This is confirmed, signed and stamped by the Petty Bourgeois' Board of
Loev in Rechitsa Uezd. August 5 1897"

I need to find out if Nezhin was ever in the province of Rechitsa. Do any of
you understand why Nezhin and Loev are both listed on the Census????

Tom Erribe

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