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Yes, it is correct.

Just to add: registration in most cases happened during revisions or similar
ocasions. What means - not often.

Sagnificans of "NN meshchanin" or something like this in documents for
official use was not only to show where the person was born, but specify his/her
rights that depended in Russia on social status, gender, age, religious
affiliation, occupation, registered residence, relation to military service, etc.

Jews >from different Gubernia with all other social characteristic the same
could have different rights.

Vitaly Charny
Birmingham, AL

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Rechitsa was an uezd (district) in Minsk guberniya (province).

To my knowledge, Nezhin was not in Rechitsa uezd. However, Jews were
in the town they came >from and may have had permission to live elsewhere
changing their official registration.


Gladys Friedman Paulin, CGRS
Winter Springs, FL

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