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Stan Golembe <ocstan@...>

Dear Genners

I received over 25 replies to my inquiry concerning the name Yekhiel. I want
to thank all those who responded and helped me decide on how to treat this
problem. You are a great group. Only one reply drew a connection, based on a
family member's name, between Yechiel and Isaac. All the others pointed to
references that this is a historically "stand alone" name. In light of this
overwhelming response, I will not assume Yechiel to be another name for one
of my proven family members, but will assume he is another previously
unknown son and continue to search for information on him.

Incidentally, for those of you who are working with old Russian and
Belarussian documents such as censuses, draft lists, etc, be very wary of
names you encounter. I have found people spelled different ways in different
documents quite often.

Stan Golembe
Canton, MA

Searching for GALEMBA, GOLEMBE, GALEMBE, (Other variants on this),
Lyachovichi, Lachwa, Nobel

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