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David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

Dear Vileika Uyezd Researchers.

Our sources in Vilna have started sending translated files of the 1834
Vileika district Revision List. I just received the following:

Vileika's traders - 30 line
Iliya's traders - 60 lines
Dolginovo's traders - 17 lines
Vileika - 297 lines
Radoshkovichi - 1930 lines

These records cannot be added to the All Belarus Database until additional
donations are received.

However, we are running out of funds that were left over after the the 1850
Vileika District Revision Lists were finished. Therefore, we need for you
and other Vileika researchers to go to:

and make a generous contribution to the Vileika Uyezd Revision List Project.

PLEASE contact other Vileika researchers and your relatives and ask them to
do the same. We want to finish getting all the 1834 records and then try
and find some additional Vileika records.

Your immediate action is requested.


David Fox
Mail to:
Belarus SIG Founder and Past Coordinator
Arnold, MD USA

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