Belarus SIG #Belarus Correction to yesterday's: Alperovich (aka Alpert) in Postawy, Kurenets, Vileika, Borisov and Myadel, and other towns #belarus

Ziegelman <zieg_exp@...>

The Registration No. for Notan/Nosen Zelik >from Kurenets was erroneously
reported in my posting of Sept. 21, 2005. It should read: Notan/Nosen Zelik
(b. 1825) >from Kurenets (Registration No. 184) .

By the way, I know of a descendent of this Notan/Nosen Zelik, whom I "met"
on the wonderful web site that documents 20th century Eastern European
Jewish life, His name is Vladimir Rabinovitch, and he
lives in Latvia.

Using the name "Notan" as a guide, I'm probably related to Vladimir, as well
as to other "Notan" Alperoviches, since I've got a Notan/Nathan in my Alpert

Go to this site, and check for your cousins in the ARCHIVES, "Search by
name" section.
Kind regards,
Andi Alpert Ziegelman

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