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Dear Genners:

On an email list to which I subscribe Linda R, a Missouri volunteer for RAOGK
(random acts of genealogy kindness) asked about the Vaderland.

She was looking for a ship called the Vaterland that could have been used between
1903 and 1906 based on info >from a 1970 document re her great grandfather who came
from Brest-Litovsk. The Vaderland was a ship whose run was >from Antwerp to New York.
She found one Vaterland that entered service in 1914, a German ship and wanted to
know if an earlier ship with the same name existed.

So in the interest of returning the RAOGK as well as sharing with others interested
in Belarus and possibly the story of the Vaderland on which their ancestor may have
arrived, I wrote:

Yes, there was an earlier ship called the Vaderland ("d" not "t") that sailed in
1903. My grandfather, Leiser (later Louis) Pinkus, arrived on May 26, 1903 on the
Vaderland which sailed >from Antwerp, Belgium. He too was >from Brest as well.

The ship was built in 1900 by John Brown & Company in Clyde, Scotland. She was built
for the Red Star Line under the British flag. In 1915 she became a troop ship renamed
the Southland. The Southland was torpedoed 9/2/1915, but salvaged and repaired.
Later she was sunk by a German submarine off the Irish coast.


Joan Parker, Immediate Past President
JGS of Greater Miami, Inc.
Searching: GOLDBERG, GOODSTEIN, BERGER-Plock, Poland/Russia and Brooklyn, NY;
PINKUS, WINOGRAD, ROSEN-Brest, Litovsk; Grodno, Russia maybe Odessa, Ukraine, Bronx
and Brooklyn, NY;
GELFAND, YEHUDIS, KATZ-Minsk, Bronx, NY, Miami and Miami Beach, FL.

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