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J. Rothstein <jr483@...>

Hello everyone,

I would have to agree with Frank. I just came back >from Belarus and I had an
amazing experience visiting the shtetls my family came from. Just walking
the streets of the shtetls takes you to a different world and understand the
region, the way of life, the living conditions all takes you back a century
and helps you understand why your ancesters left. I highly recommend the
trip and will be sending out a description of my experiences after the
holidays. I would also suggest that you get in touch with Yuri Dorn, the
director of the Religious Communities of Belarus, based in Minsk, who can
help you with your trip. My amazing trip could not have been possible
without him. When I send out my full description, everyone will understand.

All the best,
Yehuda “J.R.” Rothstein
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