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MavAlan Shaffer <mavalan_shaffer@...>

My thanks to everyone for their help with information
on the various spellings of Shelibo and Krasnoluk in
Minsk, and the locations.

I would be really grateful for some geographical help.
Our grandparents told us they met on the boat coming
over to England. We assumed this to be >from a Baltic
Then I found in my grandfather's Naturalisation papers
at Kew (London) that they married in Krasnoluk in
December 1899.
Now we think they may have met on a river boat.
Does anyone know how people may have travelled from
shtetls in Minsk to the Baltic ports?

I would very much like to obtain a copy of their
marriage certificate.
My grandfather was Joseph Aarons, born 5th May 1877
in Shelibo (?), Minsk, son of Solomon and Grecia.
My grandmother was Sarah (Sura?) Horovitch
(Gurevich?). Married Krasnoluk, Minsk, Dec. 1899.

Does anyone have a map of this area at that time?

With many thanks.

Mav Shaffer,
Essex, England

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