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Linda Lazar <milliondollarredhead@...>

Last year after years of searching I believe that I found my grandmother,
grandfather and family in the Yizkor book through jewishgen. My mother who
passed away when I was fifteen was born in 1904 and left Russia with a
girlfriend at seventeen for a new life in the United States. Her family
would not come. My mothers name was listed as SHULTZ. She married a KUVET
and them my father, SHAPIRO in 1944. Her name was Sylvia. The family in
Dokshytsy owned some kind of mom and pop store or tiny grocery store that
also sold other things. shows a picture of a
Schultz family. If you will check you will see that the only family listed
in the Yizkor book, on the site, Dokshytsy, Belarus, is Shultz. Can this be
a mistake of a spelling? Can this be my family?
My grandmother's maiden name was SCHARF and she moved >from another Shethl.
Who can I contact that would be able to help me?

Linda Shapiro Lazar
Fort Lee, New Jersey
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