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My name is Vadim LEVINZON, I have been trying to
locate my long lost
relatives. My father Hershko (Gershon) LEVINSON had
several brothers
sisters. I know for sure that he had at least 2
sisters and 2 brothers.
The family lived in village Osovetz near town of
Drogichin in Poland,
now part of Belorus. Hershko was born around 1916, he
was the youngest
child. Two of Hershko's sisters moved to America
sometime in the 1930's
and I are trying to find their families. I are not
even sure of their
names, I know one was probably named Sheina and one
probably Rivka
(Rebekkah). I know that one married someone by the
name of Joe LEVIN or
LEVY. I think that they might have lived in Chicago.
corresponded with the sisters in 1966-1970. I have
some of the photos
they sent him. The photos were taken in Nanjemoy,
Maryland and some in
Savannah, Georgia.

I found some reference to the family in the yizkor
book >from the
All I found there was a death notice about family
members that stayed
in Osovetz. See this page:

Please visit this site for the detailed information
and photos.

I would love any help or advise about how I can best
go about finding
the living family members.

Thanks in advance

Vadim Levinzon
Petah Tikva, Israel
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