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I am researching Shlomo Simeon ITKIN, probably born a little before 1850,
from either Kovel (presumably Ukraine) or Vitebsk/Kolyshki. Most of the
later family seem to have come >from the Vitebsk family. Shlomo married a
Zipporah, possibly a YUDKIN. I know a fair amount about his children (one
of them married an ELMAN, my grandfather), but little about him and his

His father was Yaakov Aaron AGRINYONKA (perhaps various spellings), who had
two sons, Issachar (or Zachar) Agrinyonka, and Shlomo Simeon, who was
"loaned out" to another family, Itkin, to escape conscription (so family
word has it). Zachar married a Chayar KAHANOFF, whose brother was later to
marry one of Shlomo Simeon's children. Zachar had a daughter who married a
Mayer YERUCHAMOVICH. They have three children born between 1911 and 1917,
whose names I have and nothing more, nor anything more of their line.

Peter Elman
London, UK

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