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Hi all,

My gggg-grandparents, Aaron KOHN (1826-1906) and Josephine LEDERER
(1826-1900) immigrated to Chicago, Illinois >from Bohemia in 1878 with one of
their sons, Isidor (1859-1925), joining two of their children, Harry
(1851-1919) and Rose (1854-1905), who were already settled there.

Harry married Jennie KLAUSNER in Chicago in 1879, and had 3 children
(Tillie, Rose and Charles), who left no descendants.

Rose, my ggg-grandmother, married David BROWN in Chicago in 1876 and had 7
children living to adulthood: Julius L. (1877-1929), Samuel E. (1882-1936),
Jessye KOLLENBERG (1884-1924), Isabella LOEWY (1886-1954), Charles G.
(1888-1981), Edith BESSINGER (1890-1974) and Roy L. (1894-1943).

Isidor married Jennie WINKLER in 1883 and had two daughters, Amanda and

Harry, Aaron, Isidor and David BROWN were all in the liquor business -
either owning liquor stores or saloons at various points in time. All of
the KOHNs are buried in the Free Sons of Israel Cemetery; The BROWNs are
buried at Jewish Graceland. They have had me at a bit of a dead end for a
while, since I had absolutely no idea where in Bohemia they were from.
However, I think I may have made a bit of a breakthrough.

I believe that they were related to another family of KOHNs, who originated
in Teresov, Bohemia and settled in Chicago in the 1880s. Brothers Joseph
(1868-1946; m. Rose BERLIN) and David KOHN (1869-1925, m. Theresa SEESLAND)
worked and lived with my above-mentioned KOHNs in the 1890s, following their
1884 arrival in the States. They were later joined in Chicago by their
mother, Julia (b. 1849) and their 8 siblings: Fred H. (1877-1950, m.
Elizabeth PICK), Regina (1878-?, m. Max SIMON), Malvina (1880-1943, m.
Samuel LEVY), Louise (1884-1937, Henry FLEISHMAN), Maurice (1886-1949, m.
Tillie), Adolph (1887-1949, m. Ruth MIELKE), Frances (1890-1906) and Otto

Anyone with links to the above mentioned KOHN or LEDERER clans, or with
links to Teresov and the surrounding area -- I'd love to hear >from you.

Rebecca Fenning
Allston, Mass.

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