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Rachelle Berliner <rlberliner@...>

Attention All Jewishgenners who have found their ascendants to be Holocaust
victims but not listed on Yad Vashem. The first line of this request says it
all. Rachelle Berliner

Let no Holocaust Victim be Forgotten

It is extremely important that we do not allow the Nazis to obliterate the
memory of those they and their cohorts murdered. As you will see below, half
of the six million have been remembered at Yad Vashem. But that means that
three million are still missing.

Please take the time to make certain that each and every members of your
family who perished during the Shoah are recorded at Yad Vashem. You can
access their website and do your own search. The urgency of the matter is
that 60 years after the Shoah ended, those who remember our brothers and
sisters who were killed are becoming fewer and fewer.
New Community Outreach Guide For Holocaust Remembrance
Let no Holocaust Victim be Forgotten
Dear Friends,
Yad Vashem invites you to join the historic mission of the Jewish people to
memorialize every individual Jew who perished in the Holocaust through the
collection of the ultimate representation of their identity: their names. To
date, half of the six million victims have been recorded in the Central
Database of Shoah Victims’ Names (, where one may access
their brief histories and, when available, their photographs, and submit
additional names online.
Millions of victims may be forgotten forever, unless we recover their names
We are pleased to offer a new online community outreach guide to initiate
local Names Recovery Campaigns. Packed with valuable resources and
materials, this free guide will enable Jewish communities to plan and
implement meaningful memorial programs, names collection events and related
activities around Yom Hashoah - Israel’s national Holocaust Remembrance Day
(this year, 25 April) and other significant dates in the Jewish calendar,
such as 10th Tevet, 17th Tammuz, 9th Av, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
The guide is designed for use either by an individual or group, such as a
synagogue, community center, welfare agency, survivor and next generation
group, university or school. You can use it to call upon members of your
community or organization to complete a “Page of Testimony” for each
unregistered victim, or to volunteer to assist others with this urgent task.
To access the Community Outreach Guide visit:
Join today, before the generation that remembers is no longer with us.

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