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Eilat Gordin Levitan

On 3/18/06, ester de-paz <> wrote:

... .. Smorgon was a place in the Oszmiany
district of former Vilno gubernia (Vilnius province). Now it is a
place in Grodno...The archive keeps the Revision lists and some other
lists... registered in Smorgon Jewish Community" I ordered those. It
will take
at least a year and half.
Dear Ester,
You could find the 1958 revision list for Smorgon on line; The all
Lithuania database;
There are about 40; SHUTSKEVER/ SHUTSKOVER- some are registered as
cousins of head of households with other last names.Every SHUTSKEVER/
SHUTSKOVER >from the Lithuanian revision list is >from Smorgon.
There was one Mordechai Aharon SHUTSKEVER in 1903 in Vilna and in the
1915 vasia vilna data; Abraham , son of Gertz Sutskever and Mordechai
son of Meir Sutskever.
On the Vilna ghetto list you could find some of your relatives;
SUCKEVER, Abram 1913 Strasuno 1
SUCKEVER, Fryda 1907 Strasuno 1
I found 30 names on the Yad Vashem list. All but one had origin in the
area between Minsk and Vilnius. Most were born in Smorgon.If you want
I could send you a detailed report of the testimony.
Eilat Gordin Levitan
Los Angeles

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