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Hello Everyone,

In Belarus halfway between town of Voloshin and
Lebedevo there is a small village Zabrezye. Before the
WW2 Jewish population of this shtetl was a little more
than 100 people. In the autumn of 1941 all of them
were burned alive in the barn.
In 1950s on that place someone was able to put a
modest monument. Time went on and it turned out that
the monument happened to be right in the middle of
people’s gardens. Inscription was made out of cement
and it fall to pieces, so it is impossible to read. We
don’t know anything about the person who putted that
We do have enough money to restore the monument. If
anybody has pictures of this monument or know the
person who designed it please contact me.

Yuri Dorn,
Coordinator of JHRG in Belarus.

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