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Michelle Frager <lulu_brooks@...>

In the city directories for 1922-23, and 1924-25 covering Manhattan and Bronx
in NYC, there are two successive listings for "Molan's The Live Store", then
"Molan's Live Store". The earlier one was on Webster Avenue, the later one on
College Avenue.

Does anyone know if these would have been the kind of poultry/fish shop where
you picked a living bird and they slaughtered and cleaned it for you? Would
meats have been sold in the same place? I remember a very cavernous, basic,
wood-floored and wood-tabled shop of that sort in Bensonhurst before we moved
on to Long Island in the 1950s, but can't recall if meats were on offer too. To
say these were atmospheric is putting it mildly. Perhaps reminiscent of the old
country's markets.

Ultimately I'm trying to find one Barney SHAPIRO, a butcher as far as we know,
whose business may have been in Harlem. But I do want to know about the "Live
Store" if anyone can help.

Many thanks,

MIchelle Frager NY-Metro area

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