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Hi Folks,
i'am absolutly new here and hope this is the right pleace for my questions.
In my genealogica ltree (goes back until 1707) the following data:

Jettchen LEVI
born 1.6.1861 in Limburg / Germany
dead 3.5.1924 in Philadelphia
father: Loeb LEVY
Mother: Amalie HAIMANN
Marriage: 12 JUN 1886 Manhattan, New York
Georg Philipp HEICKHAUS (not Heyeckhaus)
born 22.11.1864 in Diez / Germany
dead 19.4.1934 in Philadelphia

They had 3 Children together:
1. Elly
born 20.11.1889 Marriage 8.1.1910 with Gilbert Matthews
2. Robert born 25.11.1894
3. William born 12.9.1899
Has anybody any ideas to find the descendants >from the 3 Children ?
The only thing in the genealogical tree is, that the 2 boys are blind .

Many thanks , and sorry for my crazy English All the best Norbert

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