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abe simon

Michelle Frager mentions separate butcher and poultry shops. As I was
growing up in Buffalo NY in the 1940's in a kosher home, I distinctly
remember mother taking me to "Mr. Brown's butcher shop" for hamburger,
shoulder steak, liver, etc. and to another shop for poultry which I really
remember. When I got a little older I remember going to get "chop meat" at
the butcher's taking a bus by myself. The poultry market was "atmospheric"
as Michelle says and I would often get an asthma attack >from being there. It
definitely had live birds (chicken, duck, even once a goose) she picked live
and then I heard the awful commotion in the back room.
It seems I recall she would buy the fish at more of a deli market or maybe a
large outdoor market. I don't know whether these were separate
establishments for economic/business reasons or religious reasons.

Abe Simon
Las Vegas NV
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Does anyone know if these would have been the kind of poultry/fish shop
you picked a living bird and they slaughtered and cleaned it for you?
meats have been sold in the same place? I remember a very cavernous,
wood-floored and wood-tabled shop of that sort in Bensonhurst before we
on to Long Island in the 1950s, but can't recall if meats were on offer
too. To
say these were atmospheric is putting it mildly. Perhaps reminiscent of
the old
country's markets.

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